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Ever since I bought my car (about 4 weeks ago) it has made what I would quite describe as a squeek, it's lower than the usual belt squeel, but I always thought it was a loose belt (cause one was loose). I tightened it up finally (had to fix a stripped out bolt, stupid previous owner) but it's still making the noise, I'm wondering if it might be a bearing on one of the belt driven components and if so what can be done to stop the noise or fix the problem. I have an 81 celica with a 22r carburated engine. Thanks

Oh, and one other thing, anyone else with a gen2 have any idea how to reset the "sensor" light, I replaced the o2 sensor and the light won't turn off, tried disconnecting the batt. already. any other ideas?

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well leaving the batt off for a while should take care of the check light maybe something else is wrong you can try and recheck the codes.

for the belt i had the some problem with my 22r we just took a bar of soap and let it rub against the belt's ... my nighbor said it was a little rust spot on one of the pully's thats making the noise and the soap help alot. also make sure you hand doesnt get cought in any of the belts and the fan ... and the engine has to be running for this.
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