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22R to 22RE swap

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I need to replace my motor in my 91 Toyota. I am having trouble finding a 22RE but can find plenty of 22R. I am planning on converting a 22R to a RE but I am not sure about the difference in the two motors. The only thing I know is the cam, and fuel injection. Can anyone let me know if I need to worry about the year for a conversion to a 22R to RE?
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no need to worry the blocks are the same the only thing is that they use a another type of intake manifold. just switch all your part to the new engine and you'll be good to go. but try and find the newest year you can.
Thanks alot. How new of a motor can I go?
have you looked into some celicas? some of them came with fi try those also if you find a 90 that would be great but i think that would be difficult so just try and get one with low miles. also invest in a compression tester so when you go to the junkyard you can test the motor to see if it's good.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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