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Have a 1990 4Runner I have put a turbo on and am using a VEMS standalone ecu. Having a buddy doing the install and although the engine is running it is breaking up above 1500 rpm. He is using the distributor to give both crank and cam signals as I went with cnp LS coils. There are a few issues to be troubleshot but I'm wondering if this configuration is giving enough resolution to the ecu with the dizzy having both a four pint wheel and a single point wheel to run both hall sensors.
The reason I didn't go with a proper crank wheel is the lack of space behind the harmonic, some LC Engineering uses magnets in the outer ring and I think that may be trouble if slippage ever occurred and the fact that I've had belts go before and I wanted access to change the belt without a sensor being in the way at the front of the pulley. I may revisit machining the rear of the harnic if necessary.

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