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22re tuning questions?

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I am putting my 22re back together. I bought the truck with a spun rod bearing. I ordered a master rebuild kit from The problem is the guy tried to adjust the tps to get the idle right. but i dont know how to set it back to the factory settings. the truck has an aftermarket head and cam. also ive been told that you can change the screw in the maf meter. How and what does that do? Will it change the settings on the tps? So basically I need to know how to adjust the tps and adjust the maf meter.
thanks for everyones help.
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To adjust the TPS, there is a procedure in the repair manual to follow. If you don't have one, I'd suggest picking one up. Also, if you don't know anything about the afm, just don't change it. You don't want to have a poor-running truck with no power and lousy mileage that will make you hate your truck.
sidney posts a million links to FREE online service manuals
Here is one for a 1993. You will need a multimeter.
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