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245/75/16 with 3 inch lift

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does anyone have this setup, i can get a good deal on some 245/75 tires. was wondering if anyone has this setup with the 3inch toytec or a 3 inch lift
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is that the stock size for sr5s? that would look really funny
edit: o wait, that is a skinny tire right? if so, it probably wouldnt look that bad, i was thinkin since 245 is what the sr5's have, that maybe thats what ur talkin about
:confused: Good deal or not those tires are going to look way to small on your truck IMO. I have them on mine with no lift and they look tiny...
I have the stock 245 dunlops on my lift now and it looks stupid, hopefully my 255's come in today.
I have the stock 245 dunlops on my lift now and it looks stupid, hopefully my 255's come in today.
post some pics when you get em.....
jred do you have a pic of your truck with the lift and tires? im payin 50 for some good year silent armor muds 50% tread. what do you think? should i do it, i going on a tail run on the 17th. going to be muddy, i have 265 yokohoma geolander street/all terrain tire, not very aggressive at all. you think i should just put 2 on the front or 2 on just the backs? i know they will be smaller but i'll take any opinion good or bad. i know ill be slowin the pack down with the tires i have how
I think you're wasting your money. 50% muds would be worthless on a really muddy trail. Plus it would look really stupid.
here's my truck w/ 245 and the 5100's at 2.5". as others have said, dont waste your money on this size tire, get a larger size.

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im telling you, you will hate it. i just got my 255's on and wow what a difference i love this size. i will try and post some pics later.
i figured out what im gonna do, im gonna buy the tires for 40 bucks and just put it on my spare and then i have an old rim, hopefully it is 6-5.5 and just mount 2, when ever i go offroading ill just roll out the jack and mount the muds. temp fix till this summer when i can work and get new tires
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