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My First Post

Good evening Toyota Nation!

I've been a lurking member September of 2006.
This is a fine forum.
THANKS to all the fine contributors!
I've learned a lot.

Finally got my siggi down, & I'm ready to share my 3 Toyota trucks.
[Loved them all and still do]
I will post them in due time...the '94 SR5 introduces the link that follows

New Baby

Da Link to more:

PS - I know the search function in vBulletin

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Hey Wyatt, great 1st post (which is more than a year overdue :lol:)

It's great to have a hardcore Yota-truck fanatic on board here :thumbup: I don't own a pickup since I have no need for one, but I love 'em (especially when it's a Yota :)). Maybe one day......

PS: It's great that you know how to search, which is good for everyone :thumbup: The only other thing now that's recommended to do is to have more descriptive titles when making new threads.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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