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2az-fe performance parts

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I am planning on buying a 2004 toyota with a 2az-fe in it. Not a camry but a scion tC. I realize that this is the Camry forum but I thought that since the 2az-fe is primarily a Camry engine that perhaps this would be the best place to ask my 2.4l questions. I am planning on ordering the supercharged tC by the way if that has any bearing on some answers. The parts I am mainly looking for are:

Lightweight Flywheel and clutch
Performance Cams
performance valvetrain parts
Perhaps connecting rods and pistons also

I am not sure how far I am going to go with it but is there anything else that I should be thinking about? Perhaps fuel system parts and such? I want to do it right but I have had a hard time finding companies that carry parts for the 2az-fe. I find LOTS of stuff for supras and celicas of course but not so much for a camry. I want to make sure that I can get some stuff for it before I buy it.
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None of thats tuff is out yet but I am sure it will come in time. The Supercharger will not even be available until the end of the year. Give it a little bit of time and parts will start appearing out of nowhere. I am sure these cars are going to be very popular and many people will have the supercharged version. You have to remember the car JUST hit the streets. Be patient. You might also want to check with boards like Scion Life cuz they will keep up with it more than we will.
The tC supercharger package will come with higher flowing fuel injectors as well as a ecu reprogram, that has to be done by the dealer. TRD will be offering an upgraded clutch kit. Check out fidanza for a lightened flywheel. I wouldn't mess with the valvetrain or the pistons and rods until going with very high boost. You could look into an intercooler for the vortech sc. If going with higher boost also look into a higher flowing fuel pump and an apex safc-2. There will be a couple of offerings in the headers dept. JP performance might be interested in designing an exhaust for it.
Okay, well Iguess I lied, there is at least a flywheel available for it now. :p: TRD I know has not released allt heir stuff yet though. I know the suspension is out though.
I did call up clutch masters and they said they are going to be making a really nice clutch/flywheel set up for the 2az-fe on the tC. I think that is about al i might do to it. I AM getting one by the way. The S/Ced one in November.
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