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2E head torquing tightening sequence, how does it go?

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Old man is wanting to know what sequence the head bolts should be torqued and tightened in.

I already know this

The 2E settings are :
Inlets - 0.20mm (0.008 thou)
Exhausts - 0.20mm (0.008 thou)
Clearances should be set when engine is HOT.

Head Bolt Torque:
Stage 1 - 22 ft-lb
Stage 2 - 36 ft-lb
Stage 3 - Put a dot of white paint on the head bolts at the 12 o'clock position and then turn the bolts 90 Degrees in a diagonal sequence.
The dots of paint will then be in the 3 o'clock position.

He's just wondering what sequence they should be tightened in.

Thanks in advance
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Is it 2E (carburated) or 2E-E(injection) engine?
I can help you but in metric :naughty:
2E carbie brother

Metric is always helpful ;) It's the system I use!
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