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2jzge non vvti poor idle/hesitation stalling

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Hello. I have a 2jzge non vvti engine my car ran fine for a while then I noticed hesitation and a horrible idle. After poking around I pulled the spark plug wires and saw that the spark plugs were filled with oil or water in the cyl no wonder it was misfiring so I cleaned everything out soaked my plugs in gasoline cleaned the wires thoroughly and put it back together it ran fine for about a week then bam started running like crap again same issue poor idle/hesitation so I pulled the plugs again sure enough Cyl #3 had oil so I ordered new valve cover gaskets they came in I replaced the valve cover gaskets cleaned the valve covers up with degreaser and then dowsed everything in acetone afterworlds to try and get rid of any moisture in the valve cover I could put it all back together and it ran fine for about 5 seconds then I had the same issue poor idle/ car stalls when running longer than 15-20 seconds and if you press the gas at all it completely falls on its face and stalls. I’m thoroughly confused if anyone has any insight or may be able to help I would highly appreciate it, thank you.
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