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2nd Amp Rack Nearly Done 56 k safe sorta

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I had decided to go with this route get the 2nd amp rack in. So that everything would be mounted permanently. The problem with the seats was that everything had to have enough give in it so when the came down they would be ok. This will allow me to perfectly seperate cables etc, good stuff.

The Rack, NEXT 2.200 for the mids and a directed xtreme 2600x for the subs

Both Racks

Night Shot

Questions and Comments Welcomed.
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not a bad approach.....I like the idea, but you need to clean up the instal man, and a little bit of dynamat goes a loooooooooooong way
yea, once everything is fina finazild, im going to take off the racks and replace the trim pieces and cover the racks in black satin. Mabye this saturday
what do you mean by the dynamat comment?
meaning I don't see any sound deadener on the must rattle like hell
you can see some on the left side of the first pic.
the entire lid is deadened aswell as the rear deck etc, not much rattle. I have something like 60sqft of deadener le car
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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