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What is your opinion an intercooler?!

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2nd Gen 3sgte Swap with MODS!!

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Hey I am new to this forum and have been with other forums also....just thought id start off by telling my plans of my MR2 coming up. I had bought an MR2 almost a year ago N/A and now after lots of saving im finally fulfilling my dream! Heres what i got so far!!!! Hope you like let me know!

First comes first:

I have a 2nd Gen 3sgte motor with stock CT26 turbo and stock intercooler (for now)

I also custom painter certain parts of the it a nice custom look!

Motor Mods:

Blitz Intake
Unorthodox Lightweight UD Pulley
ACT 6pcuk clutch 490ft.
Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel 9-10 lbs!

TRD Short Shifter
Autometer bost Gauge
Autometer Air/Fuel Gauge
HKS Turbo Timer
Indiglo Gauges
2 10" Audibahn flames subs behind each seat power by a JBL BP300.1 (SLAMMZ, also a very nice massage)

Motor will be put it sometime by the end of June....thats if all goes good....should be taking it in this wish me some luck!
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why do everyone mess with the pulley... you know its not very healthy for your engine later on...
Good Luck Man:)
The Spearco is a larger core than the Greddy, however its a bit more expensive... It's your call, you can't really go wrong with either. But with you're setup, the more affordable and readily available Greddy unit should be more than enough for you. :thumbup:
Yea i do like the greddy however, as of right now if all goes good...I'm looking at getting the spearco...such a nice intercooler. What other mods would you recommend to get good hp and tq. outta? I want the HKS 272 cams and fidanza cam gears?

O and are there any MR2 meets anywhere around Illinois?
I think its a bit too premature to start adding cams to your setup. A boost controller and a FCD (fuel cut defencer) is the first thing I would get if I were you. After that, a downpipe and exhaust system would be the next steps...

Read this 3SGTE power primer, then read it again... :)

those were on my budget so far and i will be getting those for my car before it is outta da shop...then in future 272 cams.....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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