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2nd gen 3sgte wiring harness removal

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Feeling pretty dumb asking this, but how do you go about removing the engine harness on a 2nd gen 3sgte?

From what i can see you have to remove the intake manifold to get the obd off?

basically what i got is a jdm 2nd gen 3sgte sitting with a cut up harness, and a usdm 2nd gen 3s with a perfectly good harness in the car.

From what im reading the usdm harness will work, just need to replace the o2 sensor, maybe reuse the usdm manifold on the jdm if i want egr and no cel.
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I believe you can get to it by just removing the throttle body. Then you can access the injector wires, AIC, and then the wires that go to O2 sensor , IC fan and A/C compressor.
You can get to the harness end that goes to ECU with the intake manifold in place, but it would be alittle easier to get to it with the manifold off.
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