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2nd gen Matrix brakes on 1st gen (rear)

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Alright i have an 05 Matrix xrs. Just rolled 100k miles.
I live in the rust belt and even though i take very good care of it i cannot keep the rear brakes in good working order.
I am a master certified ASE tech and everything this car needs it gets on spot, no questions. I dont even let anyone drive it lol.

So I am looking to swap 2nd gen Matrix rear calipers, pads, rotors. I am pretty sure I'll need the backing plate also so im trying to find out (without disassembly) if the holes on the backing plate will match up. Also ive seen both integrated parking brake and drum style parking brakes on 2nd gen Matrix or 10th gen rollas. So i need to find out if i can use my current parking brake cables or if 2nd gen will fit.
The other problem i fear would be brake fluid proportioning, but wont really know if theres an issue until its first drive.
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