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2nd Gen MR2 N/A Axles...

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Hey guys, still trying to figure out my axles in my 3s-gte swap in my corolla, the previous owner said that thre was an e-series tranny in there, but its more than likely a celica fwd tranny, as the spline count is 20 into the transmission. I tried using a 4 cyl Camry axle, as it has a inner spline count of 20, outer spline count of 26 to match the corolla. The axle fit in both ends but is too long and compressed. I was thinking of trying an mr2 gen 2 n/a axle, as they have the same spline count on both ends and are shorter than the camry axle. Can anyone confirm the spline count/diameter of the axle on both ends, and if both ends would fit in the car? The outer splines (26) would have to be the same as AE92/AW11/Camry, the inner needs 20 splines, about 26mm in diameter. Thanks.
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