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2RZ questions

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1. The online manual staes you need to pull the head to change the timing chains. Is this true?
2. Why can't you just drop the oil pan?
3. Has anyone change a timing chai on this before & how long did it take.
4. Why asking is that I hear noise for the frot of the engine and truck only has 74k and I get preignition ping . Using 93 octane removes the ping.
5. I have read that these are nisy this normal??
6. EGR works when i pull a vacum.

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timing chain

Dose it rattle when you first start it and then quite down after a minute or so?If it dose sounds like the tensioners bad.You might as well change the chain and all at the same time.If you careful you can pull the timing cover and get to it without pulling the head.I have done it both ways.Its not that hard to pull the head and you get to check out the cylinder walls and valves while you have it apart.Mine didnt start rattling untill it had over a hundred thousand on it.Last time I saw the truck it hag 180,000 on it and still no rattle.Use toyota parts when you do it.You will be glad you did!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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