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2VZ-FE Auto Transmission 911

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Specs: 1990 Toyota Camry V6LE
Engine: 2VZ-FE
Auto Transmission

My Camry is leaking transmission fluid. Not just leaking, but bleeding!!
I'm leaving a snail trail of ATF on the road, and leaving puddles of ATF where I park. The general location of the puddle is coming from where the splash guard is located between the transmission pan and the radiator.

Are there any known hoses that may be causing this leak? I don't think it's leaking from the transmission, but then again, i haven't fully diagnosed it?

Where should i look for leaking?

Thanks in Advance
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I removed the splash guard by the ATF pan and saw this:

that hose is connected to the radiator and to a tube that connects to the front of the AT.

Will any hose be sufficient to replace it with?
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The hose must be 30R7 rated, I believe the max pressure 20 to 50 psi, (the working pressure is less then 20 psi). Get the 3/8 inch I.D hose, with single layer of yarn reinforcement (not nylon or metal).the nominal I.D is 10mm; material: inner tube Buna-N: outer tube Buna-N. made by Goodyear or Dayco, (clean it inside to remove traces of talk or mold release, if necessary).
Thanks for the reply Doctor J! I removed the broken hose and brought it w/ me to the store, and they gave me a foot of "Transmission Oil Cooler hose"
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