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2wd to 4wd transmission swap????

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94 4runner v6 automatic 2wd found a 4wd transmission and transfercase and put that in when 2wd trans went out. I know the connectors are different but can i switch or spliced them in from the old tranny? Main harness is hooked up but the little sensors are shaped just enough to not match. any solution or estimated price tag?? i got the truck this way and the set up. would it be easier to just drop a v8 in at this stage? toyota wanted $1100 for the wire harness. thats ridiculous. :headbang:
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Is the 4WD trans an auto too?

If you know what wire goes where and the only problem is that the connectors are different, splicing them will work fine. Just be sure to solder them and protect them with heat shrink tubing.

If you don't know what wire goes where, get a wiring diagram for both and compare them.
what to do???? any suggestions?

The 4Wd trans is an auto also. i have an idea where the connectors go but not totally sure. slight color change. toyota parts department said i would have to change the computer also.. that get expensive.. can i just find a 5speed set from an 89-95 era and bolt up? i know ill need a clutch and brake assembly along with a clutch. but im thinking i should be able to at least shift through the gears..
You might not need the 4WD ECM. Again, get wiring diagrams for both and compare to find the differences between the 2WD and 4WD. There could be a way around any signals the t-case might send to the ECM (if there are any at all).

And it would be pretty cool to have a 2WD truck with Low range. :D
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