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2WD VIBE FIXED for lifted Tacoma

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I've searched everywhere for solutions regarding the vibe issues that I was having, but no one really new the cure all solution. I have reached the point where my truck drives smoother than most cars. I hope you find this helpful.

I have a 2009 Tacoma quad cab, with a 6inch Procomp lift and 35inch tires. I was having issues with the take off vibe. I had the dealer and offroad warehouse try all the possibilities that I read about. MOving the carrier bearing, adding shims to the rear etc. Nothing solved the issue, in fact, the vibe just got moved around to a different speed.

I located a guy on the net who takes your driveshaft, and adds some goodies on it, including a double cardan. Well, this guy was up north somewhere and told me he had a good working relationship with a guy named Loren, who owns a rock crawler shop in Sonora CA. After speaking with both these guys via the telephone, I felf confident that there was a chance to get my truck running right. I live in Carlsbad CA, and the scary part was, the long drive and what if something went wrong? It was a huge risk. But I took it up there, dropped it off for two weeks and rented a car. Loren sent me pics and kept me updated on the status. I also had him put 488 gears in it. He called me about a week before I was suppposed to pick it up and told me they were fine tuning it. Well, 2 days before I was supposed to get it, he called to say it was perfect.

I drove the rental back up and picked up the truck. There was no more take off vibe whatsoever. I figured it was good and left. Well, I'm picky and noticed a mechanical type vibe at about 45 or so. It was suttle, but yet, I was still bothered by it. So I called the guy who built the driveshaft and told him about the issue. He stated that the flange (I think) at the diff might not be perfectly machined flat and to disconnect the driveshaft at the diff, and then rotate it 180 degrees. He said, I know, it shouldn't make a difference, but it does.

I took the truck to Progear and they rotated it 90 degrees and it worked. It is smooth on take off, and at every other speed. There is no vibration, even on hard take off. I cant begin to tell you how stoked I am to get it working better than most new cars.

I paid about 1900 bucks altogether for the gears, driveshaft and labor. Just the shaft is under 700..

By the way, Loren also rotated my diff upwards, also referred to as the pumpkin I think. He rewelded spring perches and the shock towers.

The guy who made the shaft is gesse...

The guy who installed it is Loren.....

I am not a mechanic, so I'm sorry if I did not use correct terms... Here are some pics..let me know if this helped you. I have pics, but not sure how to add them..can someone help me with that??
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create a free account at

upload the pics from your computer using that site.

use this button

above the new reply window and insert the picture http: line from photobucket
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Interesting thought on the drive/propeller shaft flange. If you read through the repair manual for replacing the spiders, you'll see that you're supposed to mark the current alignment of the shaft to the flange and match it back up that way when putting it back together. I wonder if those with vibe issues should just experiment by realigning them at each 90 degrees and see if it improves (and try each of the four possibilities for both front and rear flanges).
Did you try the tom woods drive shaft? Glad its smooth for you now!
Here is the link to some pictures..

To answer your question regarding Tom Woods: I called him twice and emailed him, thinking he was my solution. Well, I was told each and everytime, "We want to specialize in one thing only, 4 wheel drive, sorry." I told them that there were hundreds, if not more people with 2wd's interested in their shafts, but I was shot down. Don't waste your time with them if you have a 2wd.

This is what Jesse told me regarding a one piece shaft. He stated that people with a 3 inch lift will probably have good luck with a one piece, however, any higher WILL have more extreme angles. Well, a one piece does not solve your angles, but what does help is a CV, which is what I had put on.

AS far as the flange at the Diff, I had an aftermarket one installed. So, it isn't stock. It was "out of phase" is what they called it. If you call some driveline shops, they will agree that it should make a difference to roate the shaft on the flange, but no one suggested it originally, not even Loren from Kaisers.

Let me know if you can't see the pics and I'll try something else.

I'd welcome anyone who is in my area to take a ride in my truck if they are unsure what they should do, or are unsure of what my idea of smooth is....

I vowed to post this as a solution if it worked on my truck, so here it is.. Let me know if I can help anyone out with any more info or pics...

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You will also notice he made a couple custom shims for the carrier bearing. Dont forget, he rotated the diff up a little, and re-welded everything. I'm not sure how many degrees it was rotated. If you want to know, call Loren, the number is one his web site.

A little about Loren by the way... He installed a Hypertech Speedo, which was off by a crap load (20MPH). I didnt noticed until I was on the freeway and on the way home from Sonora! WEll, I called him and gave him the 411 on the speedo. He said if I couldnt solve it, to take it out and send it back, which I did. He not only refunded me for the part, but for the labor too. The guy is very honest and will spend the time, whether it's on the phone or in person with you to solve the issue. My truck is only off by about 7mph now....

Sweet... im currently working on the problem too. Im at the out of phase stage, talking with Toyota about the driveshafts possibly being off from the factory. Im waiting on a call from the head service tech when he discusses the issue with their main guys. Thanks for some additional info, every driveline shop I have talked too, said a 1peice wouldnt work because its too long. And that my U-joints are out of phase and thats causing it.

And wow.. they put 2 double Cardain's on that shaft.

My thread is here...
wheres the second one krookz? the pictures show a shaft with 1 double cardan. nice truck, i hope i dont run into any problems when i put my 6 inch fabtech lift on
wheres the second one krookz? the pictures show a shaft with 1 double cardan. nice truck, i hope i dont run into any problems when i put my 6 inch fabtech lift on
There's one after the transmission, and one after the carrier bearing... unless im seeing somthing wrong
There's one after the transmission, and one after the carrier bearing... unless im seeing somthing wrong
Yea im an idiot. There's only one :headbang: :lol:
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