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2zz swapping my prizm hopefully any and all info is very appreciated

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SO, I have an 02 prizm , 1zzfe , burning oil like crazy and started knocking I need a new engine and I’ve wanted to 2z swap it for a while now , I’m going to eventually so I don’t see the point in buying another 1z just to put a 2z in later , so here’s where I’m at for requirements
2zzge from a 02 celica gts (cable throttle)
Celica gts ECU 02
engine harness from a 02 celica
1zz exhaust header
(i want to c60 swap it as well but that’s not in the budget right now so im sticking with the c59)
I know there’s issues with wiring the engine into my car but I have no idea WHAT those are , I’ve read that I can use a 02 4spd auto corolla harness with extra wires for pressure sensors and vvl but I don’t know what that means so pls help
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Yep. Take the stock ECU (or any ECU that will plug into your existing harness) and desolder the female plug off it. Bend the pins on it straight. Then go to a junkyard and find a car where the male ECU plugs plug into your ECU of choice, and cut them off. Then you find the ECU pinout for your 5 speed Corolla ECU, and the pinout for the 2zz ECU you chose, and match up the names of the wires and solder them together. It ends up looking something like this one I made to run my Prizm on a 2003 XRS ECU. View attachment 395411

I should note that if you need to pass an emissions test, the 03 XRS ECU is best. It's the only 2zz ECU I've been able to get to set all the emissions monitors, though it should be possible on 00-02 Celica ECU's too. Also, I have all the 1zz and 2zz ECU pinouts, so whatever you need, let me know.
Where we’re you when I was on the hunt to make a TRD sc work without the 5th injector harness and piggy back ecu?

Great work by the way. In older threads like this, there was mention of putting resistors for the vvtl-I to function with the 1zz harness. Did you use any resistors?
Woah those trd superchargers are rare, did you ever get it working? Personally I'd run a 5th injector and control it with an Arduino or raspberry pi. Probably with inputs from the tach wire, throttle position sensor, fuel trims, and a wideband.

As for resistors, I didn't need any. VVTL-I is controlled by a positive wire and a ground wire coming from the ECU, I just wired it directly there. Same with the oil control valve, straight to the OCV pin on the ECU. You also need switched 12v to the IGSW pin, I learned that the hard way.
All I got was the blower and the throttle body. I priced it out, and it was not feasible. The hard part to source, was the piggyback. As the only one that worked, was the Greddy e-manage blue.

The blower cost me $1200. I never sorted it and just included it in a sale of a mr2 spyder. No idea if the buyer of the mr2 spyder ever used it.
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To use the 2zz wiring harness, you’ll have to do a lot of work. The dash will have to come out for sure. Engine will be removed, so you’ll have the access on the firewall. Steering wheel has to be removed. Too much work compared to a hybrid jumper.
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New to the site and am struggling to find where I can pm you lol
Upper right hand corner. Then click on your avatar. Conversations is DM or PM.
That looks like a 04 matrix xrs. I may be mistaken, but the 04 can’t be written. Have a 05 corolla xrs ecu with ronie tune on it.
89661-01040 2003 Matrix 6200 lift point no air pump
89661-0Z110 2004 Matrix 6700 lift point & air pump
89661-02C50/89661-02F80 2005 Matrix 6700 lift point, air pump, & immobilizer.

The 05 can be flash tuned, but you would need the immobilizer module, key, and ECU from the same Matrix to get it working in an 8th gen. I'm currently working on getting mine running on the 05 ECU but it's a pain. The 03 Matrix ECU is the best and easiest IMO.
My bad I was mistaken.
All the ECU stuff is super confusing. I've been compiling all the info I have on it as well as ECU pinouts I've put together. When it's done I'll post about it here.
I’ve seen some gnarly wiring over the years. Some owners were putting resistors inline to control and adapt the lift. I think that was using a celica gts ecu with a 1zz harness. Most likely, my memory doesn’t serve me right now.

How did you add the second OCV into the harness? I don’t recall if my xrs had a electrical connector. 😂
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Years ago, someone recommended using the 00-02 Corolla 4 speed auto engine harness for this swap, that way you can repin it to match the Celica GTS ECU and use the extra automatic transmission wires for lift. Then you can just splice the lift plugs into the A/T Wires. I wouldn't really recommend this because it's easy to mix up these wires and they don't really sit well with the rest of the harness. I just ran seperate wires with the lift plugs spliced onto them from the OCV to the ECU. I had to cut a small slit in a rubber grommet to pass them through the firewall, but It all works great.

I really don't recommend repining a harness like that. It's really easy to mess up a wire because you have to shuffle several wires at once. When you make a jumper/adapter, you can build it 1 wire at a time, and having the original harness in tact makes troubleshooting way easier.
Definitely easier to create a jumper. Though, some repinning required?
Not really, but you do have to add a couple wires for the OBD port, one for the AC idle up (not 100% sure), one to provide switched 12v to the IGSW pin, and the lift wires.

There's also some issues with the radiator fans being stuck on. I haven't figured that out yet.
With the addition of the ac idle up, I’m wondering if it cancels the switch to close when the ect opens. Would you be able to control it with a resistor inline or is that just for resistance and preventing the circuit from surging itself.
I'm not sure about any of it. I do know that the 8th gen has a standalone controller for the AC, so I believe it's a signal issue, I need to let the ECM know that the air conditioning is running so it'll idle up.
I keep forgetting it’s a gen 8 chassis.
Once you get the 1zz out, and the 2zz in, you can lay the wiring harness on top of the engine in roughly the right spot, and everything will line up just fine. It doesn't look like it will, but it does. When you get to the point where you need to put the vacuum lines on, I'll send you detailed pictures of my setup.

One thing you have to piece together is the power steering pump. For that, set the 1zz and 2zz PS pumps next to each other on a workbench and look at the fittings. Theres a big bolt on both pumps and if you unbolt both, the fittings for each pump will come off and you'll be able to put the 1zz power steering pump fitting on the 2zz pump. That way you'll be able to retain all the power steering stuff without any custom hoses.

What's your AC setup like? Do you plan on keeping the AC?
Maybe go electric power steering instead of belt driven.
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I just dropped my speed 3 engine. It was daunting at first. Then just said F it. Pulled axles and lca’s. Fortunately for me, I’m able to dismantle my front end. Wish the corolla was the same. They have the traditional rad support made in metal.

Good luck though.
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If you can afford it, I’d go ppe.
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I would just add a turbo kit instead of the 2zz or buy a celica gts, matrix xrs, corolla xrs or Pontiac vibe. That’s my honest opinion.

As for a hood dump, it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. Just do a fender exit. You’ll melt less stuff than the hood exit. Unless you’re making turbo noises, don’t bother.
I think he's already got the 2zz bolted in the chassis lol it's too late to go back.

As for cost of 2zz swap vs just buying a 2zz car, the used car market has been insane lately, that coupled with the increasing number of 2zz swaps and people with experience doing the swap, it's easier and cheaper than ever to just 2zz swap what you have. Just my 2 cents.
I get it. But then again, 2zz blocks have gone up in price for some reason.
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Check cam sensor. All from _ a phone reported bad cam sensor. When replaced, lift worked again.
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Ideally, you’d need to get the harness from a matrix xrs or corolla xrs. This way, you can have the length to extend from the center console to the glove box area.

Otherwise, you’d need to extend them DIY.
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