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$3,000 for a modified corolla?

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I have a $3,000 budget for a new car to last me through 2-5 yrs of grad school. I'm considering buying something like a used 89 corolla and turbo'ing it with something like this or similar:

If both of these kits produce 6psi why would the more expensive give 56% hp increase instead of ~30% like the cheaper one?

My Question is, is the Corolla a good project car for my goal?
--> A fun,, but reliable daily driver at $3K max. Or would a Tercel be a better choice or something else? I want to stick with Toyota because I love their ergonomics and they've been very reliable cars for me.. cheers :).
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tercel... :rolleyes:

A corolla would be a better choice.. providing you're chosing a GTS not an SR5 model, the GTS handles and looks better. Those turbokits are for the 4AFE which is the motor on the SR5, and not the 4AGE which is the motor on the GTS. The 7AFE is the motor on the 93 and up 4 door corollas.
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