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dejacky.... in all honesty, if you have $3,000, just buy a decent daily driver like the 4dr. AE92s. it's fun to drive, can be fast and it won't kill you doing maintenance on it, that and just like you said, you're also going to school. if you start, turbocharging your stock motor, you're looking at more headaches in the long run. if you want more power and very reliable, swap a 4AGE in it. but that's just me..

now if you're gonna be a hardcore car guy, 4AGZE would be a perfect project for you. depending on what will be your base car, but the best candidate is the 88-89 corolla gt-s (AE92 coupe). remember, the older the car you choose the more work you'll be putting into it. and honestly, i don't think a $3,000 budget would cut it. unless you wanna buy your parts from junkyards and such. goodluck bro.
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