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hey audio guys. i'm lookin to upgrade my system. right now i have:

kenwood deck (dont know model #, but says 40w x 4)
12" RF sub
600 watt (starts with a p i think) amp
10" wal-mart sub
300 watt wal mart amp

the walmart **** isn't hooked up anymore, i just wanted to make it seem like i had more stuff. that cost me 30bux at walmart so it wasn't too bad.

the 12 is nice but i want more, and a less ghetto lookin amp. so i'm lookin into gettin a new amp and one or two more subs in box(if not a single 10 or 12)

what will be good/decent(just sub(s) and amp) for 3-400bux. i dont need links or anything, i just wana know what to look for when i go to the store this week.

also, whats a good head for about 150

right now i'm lookin at maybe a pair of W0's and a nice alpine 700w amp. and also possibly the Pioneer DEHP7600MP

according to ebay i can get the subs and amp for about 350-400. plus another 200 for that head unit. how's all that sound?
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