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3.4L Supercharger on 2000 Camry V6 3.0 L?

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Is this possible? What kinda modofications would have to be made to fit the 3.4L Supercjarger onto the 3.0L 2000 V6, the reason i wanna do this is because i can get the 3.4L supercharger cheap off ebay, and i cant find any 3.0L Superchargers, thank u!
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it'll be cool if you can do that! I'd love to supercharge my 3.3 if its possible!
Hmmm, I would guess it would either be easy (bolt holes line up, and only minor mods), or impossible (nothing lines up and you spend thousands on machining)
95% sure:

If the 3.4L is from the 5VZFE V6, it will require machining to fit a 1MZFE

Probably be easier if you had a 3VZFE
so does anyone know for certain if this is possible? if its gonna cost $100 to fit it, thats no problem.
if it bolted up the sc would be laying on the front of the motor not the back there is not much diference in plenum design but you could have yours welded in place and flip the way it's positioned. but you might end up spending more time trying to get it to work properly.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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