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3 days old, it really hurts!

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I purchased my brand new 2006 Tacoma on 12-15-05. Less than 3 days later, Saturday evening, I vaporized a deer on the right front fender. After pounding the fender that sucker ricocheted forward came back and hit the grill! Insurance Co. is currently balking at replacing parts, they want to bend back the radiator support beam rather than torch it off and weld another on. Over 3k in damage so far. Any suggestions regarding the radiator support beam would be greatly appreciated ......I'm going to therapy now. Thanks, -flatbroke Wisconsin
For those intested in what a Wisconsin deer does to a 2006 Taco, I have pics, not sure how to upload.
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That sucks man! :headbang:

To show pics, upload the file to a free webhost like

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:sosad: Ouch!! I'd be so upset! I hope your insurance company will do right by you. I sure don't miss having to worry about hitting deer.
Sorry to hear that. Hope everything works out with your truck.
damn deer, they are just as stupid here in oklahoma too, my cousin just got hios truck a few years back, and was driving at night and nailed on, took off his whole front bumper, took out a headlight, but he picked that deer up and threw it in the back and took it to get the meat off it :) new way to go huntin a guess lol
damn. I'm truly sorry to hear that. :(
Damn, that sucks!!! Sorry to hear that. I must of been one of santa's eight tiny reindeer!!! Good luck with the insurance co. I'm sure they'll help you out.
how big was the deer and did you throw it in the back of the truck for later use?
Hey Flatbroke, sorry to hear about that. Keep fighting those insurance jerks and hopefully they'll take care of things.

Hi Elwinna, what about those Keys deer down around Big Pine? Saw some this year while driving to Key West and they're neat looking little deer.

I guess there are a lot more deer than there used to be and a lot more people, too. So that makes encounters more common, I guess. I'm not a hunter, but maybe they should prolong the hunting season or allow even more liberal bag limits in order to thin out these out-of-control herds.
Ouch..... Can't imagine your pain. Found a teeny, tiny stone chip on my month old Taco last week and I totally freaked!
Where in WI?, I'm originally from La Croose.

Sorry about your luck, but why are you stressing on the radiator support beam? It bugs me more that body shops anymore are simply parts replacers, there's nothing wrong with fixing metal.
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