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3" lift for the not-so-hard core...

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OK, I'm super new to the 'truck scene' but not new to modding. I promised my wife I wouldn't do this again after getting my 2004.5 Infiniti G35 coupe 6MT to the 400rwhp mark, but here goes...

I'm looking to make my new tacoma a little more 'unique'. It is my daily driver and I NEVER go off roading. I'm looking for a 3" lift that will not hurt my suspension geometry and that will allow for a nice set of 18" wheels with slightly larger tires. I want the alignment to be perfect when done and don't want to skimp (but don't want to waste money for off roading suspensions that I will not use). I tow nothing with this truck and use it for the typical Home Depot weekends and frequent beach trips.

What is the 'most adequate' kit for serving this purpose? The local dealership pushes RevTec, but I've read at least one poster bashing that particular brand. Any input from the masses is appreciated.

BTW, I would search but I need some brand names to type into the little "advanced search" menu.
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I'm going to go off topic here, and say you get my vote for most original screen name. There's gotta be a good story behind that.
If you want a high quality lift you can go with Donahoe Coilovers for the front. They will run you $995 just for the pair. You can adjust them from 0" to 3.5". You would need some Deaver add-a-leafs in the back which is about $450.

That is a prime setup.

You can also go with a Toytec 3" lift. It runs about $230 dollars. It is a simple spacer lift with add-a-leafs. Toytec is coming out with a "coilover type" lift very soon but not a TRUE coilover setup like the Donahoes.

A member by the name of 55reasons has a nice lift on his. As far as I can remember he has not had any problems with his 3" lift.
ToyTec is working on an OME setup, not sure when it will be done or how much its going to cost. However, it will keep your ride smooth, and still be able load up the back. Plus, IF you ever decide to go off road, it can handle it.

You can do what Alpine said and go with coilovers and Deaver leaf pack in the back. Except you wouldnt need the Donahoes, since you dont go off road. Sway-A-Way makes a 2" coilover, adjustable from 0" - 3", that will work excellent for what you need. It can also go off road, although not as much as Donahoes since its not as thick and would over heat quicker. They cost around $1100 with the new UCA's , Donahoes are $1000 for just the coilovers.

Hope that helps.
OK, those prices seem rather reasonable. I'll start searching now to see what I come up with. Thanks, and I'm open to more suggestions too.

BTW, regarding the screen name... combine a white rabbit fur, a silly dad, two daughters (3 and 5 years old), some little plastic doctor toys and hours of fun... that's what you get. :D
I’m curious why you guys are recommending coilovers when it sounds like your basic spacer kit would suit him just fine?
I put a Tuff Country spacer lift on my truck 12,000 miles ago.

Cost less than $150, and have not had any of the problems that a lot of the other guys have had with the other lifts. I have had no sagging, a great ride, and have no complaints.

Just my .02... Some people may think differently, but in the end, they are all spacer lifts, and installation experience is just as important as the manufacturer. For a long-term thing, I might consider a TOYTEC and work some bugs out of it, or (I can't believe I'm saying this), possibly a PRO COMP or FABTEC (in that order) or similiar 6" kit if you're gonna keep it on the street.
I have basically the same criteria as you. In my case, I'm leaning toward the new TotTec OME kit. However, I emailed Doug yesterday and he said that the 2005/2006 version of this kit wouldn't be ready until March. I'm pretty eager to do the lift so I can upgrade my wheels/tires (and possibly smooth out my poor TRD-Sport ride quality) but I only want to do this once and do it right. If anyone has any other recommendations similar to the ToyTec OME kit that is available today, please post.
55reasons said:
I put a Tuff Country spacer lift on my truck 12,000 miles ago.
Hey 55reasons, would you kindly share the details on your lift with me. Do you have a block in the back, where did you purchase ? Appreciate the help.
I have this one from It came in a Daystar box. Just spacers, blocks and shims, no need to change shocks. Paid $215 shipped. $150 for the install. No sag, good ride, I've been real happy with it.

Ya know, thats what turned me off from a TRD was the log-waggon ride.

Hope this link works...
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