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3 Way front stage

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Hello i was wondering if any one knows of a good 3 way front stage for around 500 not including installation hardware i dont realy know about car audio and dont want to get ripped off at some shop
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What other kind of stuff are you using? And why not a 2 way setup?
Here's a start: 6000 series/

That's my Alpine 6000 3-way series....

Want 'em? PM me.... :)

But yes, why not a 2-way setup?? With proper tuning, a 2-way setup can sound almost as good as a 3-way, but far easier to install...
the alpine iva-d310 & pxa-h701 i had just thought the 3 way would be better from what the guy at the stereo shop had said. If a two way is just as good im up for.
Oh cool, since you're using that processor, you can definitely go 3 way active.

What amps have you picked out yet?
im not sure yet i thought id see what speakers first then choose my amp for them. Im building the system in stages right now im buying the alpine deck and processor then im going to save for the front stage and amps. then rear fill and subs. the rear fill is for whatching a movie.


You have two choices.

You can go fully active up front. Or you can go passive.

If you go fully active up front then you lose the 5.1 control that processor can do.

I guess you need to decide what's most important for you. Complete control over your front stage. Or the ability to have Surround for DVD movies.

You might be able to go 2 way active up front and still have surround, but I'm not sure, I'll look into that for you.

Up to you though to see what's more important. Also for your 3 way setup, should you choose to go that way, Toyota was nice enough to give you stock mounting locations for a 4" Midrange in the dash. Lucky. (I'm jealous)
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realy where is the stock loccation of the 4"
well i wont really be watching to many dvd in the car so i will go active
05CamrySE said:
realy where is the stock loccation of the 4"

If you look on your dash you will see some grills. There's room for a small midrange there.

These are the 2 midranges I would go with. (one or the other)

I wish I could listen to them :(

Vifa Trius
Legatia 3"

Also if you can fit a 4" the Peerless Exclusive @ would be a nice choice.
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what else do you recomend for the front stage
im going to be running a 3 way front stage and im going to use the iridiums's 6.3
Since you have the processing for going completely active, you can buy indivdual drivers.

If you're OK with using kickpods, that's easier to tune then dash mounted Mids firing into the windshield. So if you can go that route you can pick a 5.25" Midrange.

There's all kinds of stuff you can look into. You should check out

Do you have yahoo messenger?
yes i have yahoo (jeffborruel)
i have been doing some reading on active and all of them say to just go passive if i dont know alot about car audio i might blow the speaker
05CamrySE said:
i have been doing some reading on active and all of them say to just go passive if i dont know alot about car audio i might blow the speaker

Tis true, but if you're willing to learn beforehand, you'll be alright :D All it is is setting the right crossover points. Most passive 3 way systems are over 500 bucks though. If you go fully active you can save money on speakers, although you do need 6 channels of amplification, plus a sub amp.

What kind of amp(s) do you have?
As of the moment I don’t have any amps I have sold all my old stuff so I was going to buy them after determining what speakers to go with. I will definitely have 3 amps though
im going to use kick pods and 8" speaker for mid bass in stock door speaker location and the tweets im going to mount in the a pillar i am still looking into speakers
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