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3000GT owns Civic! Video!

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What were these stupid kids thinking, drifting in a parking lot with FWD cars?
That has to be the funniest vid on Streetfire right now! :lol: :clap:
repost from ealier, but it's worth watching a few more times, it's timeless! i love it :lol:
just comes to show how Hondas hold up in battle. ROTFL
the 3000gt got owned I think... WHy? Cost a bit more to repair vs the civics total indented/caved in side. :lol:
ehh, well the civic was probably totalled so I'd say its more expensive than few body parts.
omg that made my morning, Happy new yrs everyone
im off to work now lol
As funny as that may be im glad no innocent bystanders got hurt.
this is why i did not go near a movie theater when tokyo drift came out :lol:

sooo stupid:thumbdown
OMG! H4X0RZ! they're drift racing in the parkinglot!

... those apes dont even know what drifting is. its not about some buzzpipe shitbox civic racing up and down a parkinglot. They got what they deserved.
sorry to be a party pooper, but that's gotta be the dumbest thing i've seen this week. one can only wonder how those 2 idiots didn't hit any of those pedestrians considering they found it hard to avoid hitting an entire car. how skillful... NOT! :thumbdown
LMFAO!!! That's hilarious.
Seen it before but still funny.
What a bunch of retards, glad no got hurt though.
That was great. As said in the video.... That's what happens with a bunch of dumbasses.
ahahha i seen this a while back and watching it again makes me laugh so damn hard! the comments are great hhahaha and the music the civic was blaring LOL
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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