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i used to run 33x12.50x15's with a 3" BL and i didn't have any rubbing issues at all except for when full locked and flex

i now run 35x12.50x15's with the 3" BL and 6" susp lift and i know i could run 38.5's without any issue, and when i find a decent set of them, i'll let ya know!:smokin:

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1991 toyota pickup
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I ran that setup for a few months. I was running 15x8" steelies with 3.5" backspacing. This caused the wheels to stick out more then 1.25" farther then stock. This caused lots of rubbing issues when the wheels were turned + compressed.

If you stick with a stock style rim, you will be fine.

I eventually added bj spacers to eliminate rubbing on normal DD driving. They rub a tad at full flex/full crank.
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