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Anyone in Toronto know a place that installs this stuff. In 4 days, the echo has 3 stone chips, from rocks I didn't even hear hit.

Stupid hood deflector has not got a mark on it...all three missed, and I'm not liking how it is starting to mark the paint already either...need a better solution, and this stuff is supposed to be it.

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I found this at The author of the info (Digger) posts here once in a blue moon.

Gold Pro Canada, Inc.
Marc Gordon
270 Drumlin Cir.
Concord, ON L4K 3E2 Canada

Ok....spoke to Mark and here's what he said

X-pel is marketed here as a product called "Protection One"
They also carry well.

Gold Pro have computer cutting system...what they do is input the vehicle and the cutter...cuts the template for the vehicle at their place..

It is best to have this product professionaly installed.

The kits are not expensive, but the Labor is. it typically takes them about 3 hours to install.

Pricing is as follows:

Mark has said the following pricing is for IS Net Menbers only!

It is basically Wholesale / not retail

Hood and Mirror $77.00 and $125.00 to install = $200.00
Bumper kit $125.00 and $150.00 to install = $275.00
Headlight and Fog $40.00 with no labor = $40.00

He can do custom work for those that have body kits etc... but he said the labor is insane...probably 3 times the rate (it has to be hand fitted)

If interested, simply call him and talk. If not, this is just the only place I called (cause I have met him) I do not have any other affiliation with Mark, nor do I or my company do business with him.

He is and seems like a striaght up guy. Let you decide if your interested.

Don't know how his prices rate against the competition?

Here is their web site


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Its cheaper to get the whole car repainted.......:lol:

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I installed it on my headlights and I love it, it's not perfectly clear however, it's little visible detection, is overlooked by its protection. I put it on with rubbing alcohol and water, it's really quite easy, however the guy came out and showed me how it's done. I wanna try it on cell phone screens and eliminate scratches forever. I'll let you know how it turns out. Fire at me any questions, and I'll try to help. I definetly think it's worth the money. Has to be way easier than tints, although I haven't tried that yet

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I work at a detailing shop that offers that service.

Go through their subcontractor, Dent Doctor. It'll prolly be cheaper that way.

Ask for a guy named Richard.

416 420-0220
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