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Hi every one,

I am on the fence about getting my swap in the way

Some have said I have everything I need with what I have to complete my conversion - I need to be sure as I have a very limited time in the place I have to complete the work .

What I have ....

Complete running 95 Camry sedan with e153 5 speed

And my 94 Camry wagon 2.2 Manual that I want my 3sgte and the e153 to go into .

I seems almost no one puts these in a gen 3 Camry and the people who have only give half answers or none at all .

My question is

Do I use my v6 shafts along with my e153 from the v6?
I have read that I use the rear axle carrier bearing from the v6 as well (need to widen a bolt hole I read)

Can anyone set me up with some correct insight I would be very appreciative

The wires will be done by a local professional and all the other bits by me and a friend but want to be sure we can complete the car to a rolling state with parts that we have

Thankyou for reading this far

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I think one of the bigger issues here is that the rear engine mount is also bolted to the same chassis, so you're limited to Camry carriers.

In this guide (, Richie talks about modifying the E153 carrier to make it work (under transmission swap section).
5SFE carrier is secured with 3 bolts, 3SGTE one is just 2 bolts. I don't think any mount will bolt on without modification, but looks like the E153 one can be made to work.

You'll need the V6 hubs, as the spline is different on the CV axle.

Good luck. This is a build I was thinking about a lot before I just purchased a swapped Celica project.
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