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Not sure why would anyone add what kind of oil additive at what stage of an engine's life since it's already running 0w-20, supposedly ?
All oils come with additives since its part of the formula.

Issue isnt 3rd gen Highlander only. Leaks have occured in all models/gens using FIPG.

Stage is dependent on oils used and how long.. 0w20 means nothing.

0w16 is the only oil that is certified as FIPG safe. I do not know if Toyota adapted the FIPG compatibilty testing to all other grades.

I do know that my Toyotas will never go to an independent shop or quicklube for an unknown bulk oil change and that I wont run my oil until the additives are completely spent. No 10k mile intervals for my cars. Only a fool blindly trusts that the dealership or the lube clown uses the correct oil.
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