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3rd light on a mk4 headlight

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i just bought this car last week and have tried to get these lights to work but cannot get them to.It has H.I.D lights installed on them and it has aftermarket turnsignals on it so i dont know if the wiring is messed up or if im doing somthing wrong.

which switch should turn these on im prety sure ive tried everything but they still wont come on.
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The 3 lights in the 93-96 headlights are the low beam, high beam, and fog light. They moved the fog light lower on 97+ models.

That's the foglight. First turn your headlights on. Then on the same stalk for the lights, there is another switch that is more on the inside end of the stalk. It is right next to the part where it says "<- ->", then it says "ON" and "OFF" with a "-". That's the switch for the foglights, just twist it. The headlights have to be turned on first for the foglights to work, unless the last owner did the mod to have them separate from the main headlight system.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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