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3S-FE sounds raspy/buzzy

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I've had my car since Oct 2008 and I have gotten used to the laid back, mellow tone of the 3S-FE. I drove it earlier today on a short trip to go pick up my other car and it sounded fine. When I drove it again tonight to go home however it seem to sound a little off.

When you first hit the throttle, it sounds a bit raspy and the motor buzzes a bit more than normal when driving. I popped the hood thinking mabey it was an exaust leak but the noise seems to be coming from the intake plenum area. I noticed a medium size hose the runs out the left top side of the plenum and down somewhere on the block. I seems to be worn and coming off a bit. Other than that everything else looks normal. Could I have a vacuum leak somewhere. Would a clogged egr ,etc. cause this?

The car starts and runs fine (still has power), Its just doesn't sound right and the noise is around the rear of the intake plenum. BTW its a 90 auto Camry DX with 110k miles on it
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yea egr will. 5 bucks at auto zone. so will vacuum leaks. you can let it idle and spray it down with carb cleaner or starter fluid or ether and if it speeds up the idle you know you have a leak.
what do you mean when you say it sounds raspy ??
Do you feel a little more vibration then usual ?
Has your gas mileage gone down a bit ?
...check the exhaust heat shielding...its at the rot-away life stage!! was rattling around till i clamped it back in position.
The car drives fine. The motor just has a slight hesitation and burble to it when you hit the throttle off idle. When under load, the car is louder, buzzy sounding. The motor itself just sounds louder than normal but not like when my flexpipe went :eek:. The noise seems to come from the rear of the engine bay lower down under the intake plenum. It just started doing this last night so I cant see any difference in MPGs. Took a second look today and wonder if there is an exaust leak somewhere or mabey in the intake manifold itself (gasket or vacuum hose)? Will put car on jackstands on Sunday and see if I can trace the noise.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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