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my cousin help my for traduction,...
Hello again ,
My question is regarding the engine support front and back , my installation was with the original (5sfe) support now due to many breaks of transmission I bought a camry v6 92 standard shift to use the transmission support. I would like to know if I can use the front support v6 on the 3sgte without modifying anything . I would also like to know the procedure to follow to install the rear support ,must I change the axle shaft or move the bearing ? I need clear details cause I would like to install the engine for the last time!
I also need some advice concerning my engine due to breakage 3 times I damaged the area where I screw the rear support …I have a couple of pictures I would like to know if I haftoo change the block or if its salvageable !?!

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well, here is the question...

what did you do to make the 5sfe rear tranny mount fit?

as for the axle, you can re-use the 3vz 5-speed one that came with your well, I would presume that the bearing can be reused as would be the actual mount itself, from the 3sgte that would not be able to bolt onto the camry subframe- be it that it's out of position, too small, too big, or the wrong shape
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