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Hello all
I have a customer who brought in a 95 celica and he has installed the 3s-gte engine and trans. There was another shop who tried to get it running with no success. I do not have the proper pigtails for the ecu. There are wires going to places where they are not needed. Does anyone here have any leads on getting either a complete ecu harness for a 91 celica with 2.0 turbo or just the proper pigtails for the ecu. thanks in advance Rusto
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i have done a similer swap. the only connector you need for the ecu should be for the first slot on the ecu. it took me a long time to find one, but i finally found the ecu connector a a junk yard from a 96 celica with auto-trany. i found that the auto-tran ecu plugs fit right in but the wire colors are different.
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