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3sfe block with 5sfe head?

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are these blocks interchangable? It's a long story but I have a 99 cal spec camry that needs a block..... (spun all 4 rod bearings past spec and beyond oversized #3 bearings.) I was told that a jap 3sfe will work except for the cal spec portion of the engine, (emmissions stuff). That I would have to swap the head. OK, thats all fine and dandy. I'm trying to find out basically, can I get an old 3sfe out of a 1990 camry and install my 5sfe head without any mods? I dont know if the crank bolt patern is the same for the flywheel or not and also all the coolant and oil passages and head bolt pattern are the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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this is to everyone who said you can and cant interchange toyota parts on the s series motors mainly the 3s and 5s. i just wanted to say the 87 to 99 models will fully interchange except the bottom end like the crank flywheel and such. i have recently put a 95 5s head on a 3s block and had no problem. everything is exactly the same. dont believe me go to your autoparts store and reference 89 2.0 camry with a 95 celica from the cams to the distributor, gaskets and so forth. what really inspired me to write this was a similar question someone had asked the expert guys a web site that is supposed to be the professionals which you have to suscribe to, and they say no just because its 2 different motors. they must only believe chevy can get away with interchangeable parts. case in point you never really know untill you tryit, although google is the s*** dont be afraid to try it.
The 3sfe and the 5sfe are basically the same engine. The "biggest" difference is that the 5sfe has a longer stroke. That gives the 5sfe approximately 0.2L more displacement than the 3sfe. Bottom line...the 5sfe is a stroker version of the 3sfe.
nobody said you cant interchange S-block parts ... thats a given, but its not always gonna be as simple as your little sisters easy bake oven

the 5S-FE is indeed a stroked 3S-FE, with some other minor changes ...
its not always gonna be as simple as your little sisters easy bake oven quote]

haha you guys are too funny:clap:
that's a step back. Sell the car and grab a gen3 with a v6.
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