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Hey all. I'm getting ready to drop in a 3sfe into my 97 Camry and realized that my engine manual has gone missing (from the last time I did this in another camry). I've done some searching and found a lot of good stuff on here, but not everything and it'd be nice to have all this info in one place. So if people could confirm what I've got and add any wisdom (like bolt patterns) that would be awesome.

Flexplate>torque converter: 20 ft lbs, star sequence
Flexplate>crank: 61-65 ft lbs, sequence?????
Ex. Manifold: 37 ft lbs, sequence??????
In. Manifold: 14-19 ft lbs, sequence?????
Down pipe: 22-29 ft lbs
oil pan: 4 ft lbs, sequence??????
Fuel delivery pipe: 9 ft lbs
timing cam gear: 40 ft lbs

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Manifolds I do center out, crank I use a star pattern. Torque converter to flex plate use a star pattern but it's not critical. Make sure to use blue Loctite for the crank and torque converter. I've never used any particular pattern on the oil pan, I don't torque either I go by feel using a 1/4" ratchet.
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You actually should be using thread sealant on the flexplate to crank bolts.

The only critical ones there are the flexplate to crank, torque converter to flexplate and the oil pan.

Use sealant (RTV or Toyota FIPG), not a gasket and 'just' tight on the oil pan.

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