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hey chaps. am new to this forum. Hope you can offer some assistance. Have been running silvertop 20v for a while in a mk1 ford escort. was street legal but built for drag racing. ran a best of 13.74sec 1/4 mile. Have now sold engine and car and am in the process of building a Gen3 3sge engine into a KE70 - rolla. (Beams is covered up in the garage aching to be installed!).

Who knows what the Gen3 needs to run hard ? And, what suspension mods to aid traction, again for drag racing use.

Engine not built yet but all parts sourced and getting there slowly.My basic spec at current is as follows : std stroke and bore, 304deg 10.8mm lift inlet cam, exhaust is 288deg 10,2mm lift. Running Gen-4 piston and aiming to get to 12:1 CR. TRD 0.8mm head gasket. TRD bearings. Will be doing my own headwork. Am building intake manifold at the moment to accept 45mm Blacktop ITB's with 30mm trumpets. Overall intake length will be 290mm.

Opinions please !!
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