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I’m new to the forum mostly cause I don’t spent my time on the net. I’m currently rebuilding a 1992 gt4, I want to clean it up under the hood a little cause as anyone who’s seen gt4 under the hood knows it’s a little crowded. Last week I finally pulled the 3sgte out (btw, pain to pull out). What I’m looking for is a 3sgte diagram. Diagram that would show all the openings in the engine and what they’re for. I know I could do it the hard way and follow all the hoses but that would take forever plus I don’t want to end up like some of the people i’ve heard about on forums (connecting vacume hose to the coolent line, stupid mistake but possible.) if anyone has one of knows where I can find one with out paying huge subscription fees please help me.

If anyone is interested in the story of me and my gt4 here it it:

also I’ve recently upgraded my apartament to a hours just so I can have a garage for my gt4, the house is ok but the garage is heated and it fits my gt4, my friends ae86 and my dd 1990 gt, also I own a 2000 civic si which I park out side J

thanks august
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