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Ok, if you check the me/mine/mods forum, youll see my ride.

now ive got a blacktop 20v... so what to do,

following options avilable:

A) turbo / supercharge it
B) High Compression high rev it.. 12:1 compression etc.
C) Swap to a 3sgte (will it fit?!)
D) Swap to a 2zz-ge (VVTL-I) will this fit?!

im leaning towards the sgte or the zz... but lift man... be the same as a 4age blacktop but at the very high end youd pull ahead a fair bit quicker....

anyone got any ideas?

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3sgte would be my choice... just make sure you hand me down that blacktop 20V when you're done. :D

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Since you don't live in Northamerica, it'll be better if you modify your engine.

IMO, doing a 3SGTE swap is more time consuming and need fair amount of funds.
2ZZGE, don't bother with cuz the VVTL-I isn't that great at all. (dunno if it'll fit anyways)

depanding on what the car is used for, Track, drag etc etc, set up on your engine makes a difference.

if it was Track use, i would get Cam, high comp piston, stand alone ECU.

for drag, you can try boosting it, but most likely with low boost. or just try and put GZE.... Blacktop is one unique engine, but it has weaker internals, so i wouldn't really recommand boosting it.

blacktop keep it n/a :thumbup:
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