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The longitudinal mounts are different, the side mounts are the same. Given the blocks are quite a bit different, you would have to get a FWD trans from a 5S-FE vehicle to bolt onto your 3S-GTE. Given all 3S-GTE engines used in USDM Toyotas came with manuals, there is no ECU available for 3S-GTE engines and automatic transmissions, so you will need to find a 5S-FE transmission that is a 5-speed manual. The 3S-GTE is a turbo-engine. It uses an air-to-air intercooler on top of the engine. You need a hood that brings air through the intercooler to cool the compressed air, or you need to come up with a custom front mounted intercooler (forward of the radiator) - and if you do this and if you have air conditioning, 3 cooling coils back-to-back-to-back is asking for overheating problems. I would say you will have quite the challenges.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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