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3sgte MKII Smoking Problem

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I just got my turbo back from being completely rebuilt with new everything, well I sent it off in the first place because the car was smoking and i thought it was the turbo seals were gone bad. Well the guy said that the exhaust side was really corroded. Well I put everything together not leaks anywhere but just sitting there the car will smoke out of the exhaust and driving it goes away but as soon as I stop it starts smoking again. Any ideas? Similar problems?

I only have 62 miles on the new turbo.
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I studied when it smoked and I see that it will only smoke when I let the car sit for a minute, if I rev the motor up the smoking goes away then it will slowly comeback again. I am thinking that maybe its the oil Im using? 10w 30, Maybe I should go thicker? 20w 50?
like white...its oil I know but I just wanted to know if anyone had the same problem and was it something little or was it something like valve stem seals or just ct26 turbos?
isn't white smoke indicate ur burning coolant??.....can u smell anything??.....does it smell sweet??.....
its oil I know but maybe instead of white it would be classified as "blue" but I have been driving harder and it seems as if now it only smokes every once in a while
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