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3SGTE (MR2 and Celica Q's) Project Car

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I've got an question to ask how come an MR2 that swap an 3SGTE doesn't have to be change to an AWD, instead remains RWD/FWD (if engine in front)?
And why does an Celica swap with an 3SGTE have to be an AWD, instead can't be an FWD (engine in front)?
Would any trans from an 5sfe or MR2 bolt on to an 3SGTE, making it run FWD because of shortage in money?
Doing this for an project car and I wouldn't buy an GT4 or the actual one because whats the fun in it, you don't get to be happy for what you accomplish and I am hoping to accomplish the swap, to be prood of what I have done because not many few people can do it.

Thank you,
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You don't have to convert a Celica to AWD just because you want to swap a 3S-GTE.
Do a search and you will see what your options are for the FWD tranny.
O Ok. Thanks

Thank you,
Schue Yang
i have switched from 3sge(front wheel) to 3sgte and still am front wheel. and i think the power will be much more then alltrac as alltrack 3sgte has to give power to all four wheels where in fwd, only two wheels will get power thus giving more power!
I would say doing swap is easier than finding an alltrac.
Swapping 3sgte are pretty common these days.
Go check or and count how many people have done this.
You will fine a ton. There are as many as alltrac owners.
There are tons of good info about swapping on those boards too.

BTW, you have fun swapping and alltrac owners have fun modifying what we already have.
You spend wrenching time on your swap, and we spend ours on modding.
We are proud of what we drive and you probably won't understand until you own one.

It's true that AWD car lose more power through the drivetrain than FWD car.
But it's a trade off.
Try to launch 400hp FWD car and you will know what I mean.
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