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I did a 2GR swap. I don't have any plans with my 3SGTE (Gen2). It is coming out of a 1991 MR2. It has around 101k on the engine. I also have some suspension parts. Some performance parts such as, Haltech Elite 1000 ECU, Haltech Flex Fuel Sensor, Spec Stage 2+ Clutch Kit (under 1k miles), ATS Racing Side Mount Intercooler, ATS BILLET CT27 (upgraded billet wheel), APEXi Power Intake for 91-95 US MR2, ATS Racing Fuel Pressure Regulator Modification, Injector Dynamics ID1050xds Injectors, RacerX Fuel Rail and FPR Adapter, Aeromotive Fuel Filter and other parts. Pic's will be sent upon request.
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