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3SGTE Swap on an '03

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Sup guys, Names Paul. I'm a member on another forum but they've been having site issues so I came here :D . My main question is, I have an '03 corolla. I wanna do some sort of Forced Induction, but something more than what TRD provides. The supercharger while nice, isn't well for lack of a better phrase "not up to my standards". Nothing against all of you who do have a supercharged rolla, I just crave more :D . So my next thought was to turbo charge it, but 8 psi is the most I can run without major engine reinforcement or running into problems. I was quoted 7 grand for a completly custom turbo system, the whole shabang every part I need kinda deal. It would output about 250 ish Wheel Horse Power. Again for 7 grand and the total gains, not my thing. Soo...Engine swap. A 3SGTE preferibly third generation, after I find out what I need to pass emmissions :eek: . But besides that I can get one for around 4,500 ish. I know thats without labor and the other parts I need besides the engine, but I'm just starting. With a 3rd generation 3SGTE I can get 260 whp STOCK. That being the keyword. Now the main problem is fitment. MR2's are Rear Wheel Drive and have the engine mounted in the back last time I checked (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). So putting a Rear Wheel Drive Rear Engine Engine in a Front Wheel Drive Front mounted Car. Now you see my dilema, so I'd appreciate any input you guys can provide :D . Thanks in Advance, Paul.
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Even JDM 3S-GTE are only around $2000US, some even with ECU and wiring harness. Go do some more shopping. Check Forsale here and eBay. Check MR2, Celica and Camry Forum here, many info on 3S-GTE swap. Try to get a clip, Celica AllTrac front or MR2 rear.
I think the MR2 just mount the FF engine to the back, even same tranny on the 5S-FE. For real monster torque and power, do 5S-GTE: 3S-GTE top with 5S-FE 2.2L bottom. The engine still won't rev high but you'll get so much torque you don't know what to do with it.
That was the answer I was looking for, Screw going 180 let me go from 0-100 in less than nothing :D . But yeah I am researching it a lot I just came across ToySport and saw one for 3500 or so rebuilt or low mileage. Just seeing what I have to modify in the actual engine bay and all. Keep it coming guys I appreciate it. :)
Also before I forget. A stock corolla has like 130 ish horse power. Now if I roughly double that with a 3rd gen. 3SGTE or more with that lovely torque setup. Aside from the tranny will I need, key word being need: Bigger brakes, Springs, Suspension in general, etc. I want a nice quick car but I don't wanna forget anything and try to go from 60-30 and melt my brake pads to my stock rotors :D
The guy I know with 5S-GTE in his 92 Sedan swap Celica AllTrac brakes too, front and rear disc.
u want to swap motors in ur 03??..u have way too much is brand new.......
mm not exactly. If it was my call I would have gotton an MR2 or a celica. My last car shit out a week before school started. So I needed a car and quick. My choices came down to a 4 banger 2 wheel drive tacoma or a brown bone stock '03 corolla. So I took the corolla. As far as having too much money, I don't plan to do this lets say tommorow, just a long term thing. Plus it gives me a thing to plan out and debate during those long breaks during classes. So maybe 6 months or more before I can waste 4 grand or so on my car :D
In other words.. It's just a dream MrQ.. :rolleyes:
At this point yes :D . But it is something nice to think about being that the new corollas are so fuel economic, aka no horsies. So I think pulling up to all these vettes I see at school and just for lack of a better word "molesting" them in the best sleeper next to a metro with a big block V8 :D
aren't you the same flea with the vutuq b kit from
Vuteq Type A actually but yeah it's me. Hiya :) .
3sgte corolla would rock the nation. Good luck on your quest.:thumbup:
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