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I was talking to a customs engine place around here (Powerhouse) about getting a 3sgte and they quoted me $2,000 for the engine and installation.
Does this sound like a deal? average?

am also looking for a new transmission for my 3rd gen cam, because mine is starting to slip. Any ideas on transmissions...preferences...what would you get?...etc...
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btw....this is a 3rd gen AWD/FWD 3s-gte
i think that's a pretty good deal, you could spend almost that amount on the engine along, with installation that's gold!
yeah that's dirt cheap right there. my frieng bought a 3sgte(2nd gen) for his mr2 for 1600 and installation will run him another 1200
hopefully the motor isn't a hunk of crap though...

there's no real way of knowing the mileage, but if you can, get a compression and leak down test done on it prior to purchasing, after its installed an oil analysis could help identify any problems too
Your tranny is slipping? you mean the clutch is slipping? if so, why don't you just get a heavy duty clutch?? unless you mean that your transmissions slips out of gear when you're driving, that could just be the synchros.
yo...i knew it...i need you were swapping a 3sgte...why couldnt you tell me... "o, its a secret" you said...well now the secrets out...i knew it was!!!!!!!!!:lol:
wow thats a really good price, id think about building the engine up before it goes in, saves you time and money.
only 2000$, shit I was quoted 1500$ for just a transmission replacement and installation..

good god man, go for it
What about ECU and wiring harness?

What tranny do you currently have?

Whoever gave you that quote didn't know what they are talking about - its too good to be true. Get the real story from them...

Yeah, I would heavily research that shop before I would even let them touch my car.

Like white90dx said, that sounds like a bunch of bull because you would have to get custom motor mounts, custom ecu, etc. It sounds like to me that they think that this swap will be plug and play like most Hondas
I agree with Charlie.

The clip itself is about $1500 for a gen 2 3S-GTE. Gen 3 3S-GTE is $3000+. You want a clip (Celica All Trac / GT4 or MR2 Turbo) cos you need more then just a engine and tranny.

Then factor in installation and all the custom work involved (piping, wiring, etc...)
from what i understand a full swap would run around 4.5 k...
2 is too low, and definately not new.
it came in today and the shop said it was compression tested before it was shipped out of the warehouse.
was told it was a 30,000-50,000mile engine......(big gap).

Maybe its because i know the guys at the shop really well, and thats why its so cheap. I dunno...they seemed eager to get started but i'm not sure if thats a good thing or not. Also looks like i'm gonna be shellin out some money for that e153 Solora transmission. Also talked to them about that and they said no problem?!?

i will be talkin to owner of the shop in more detail tomorrow and let you guys know whats up
looking forward to the update, just like all of us here, we are confused about that quote..:confused:
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