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Im looking to put a 3sgte engine into my 89 corolla GTS (hope I dont offend anybody)

So as I understand it theres 3 gen's of there much differnce between the first gen engine...(190hp) and the second gen engine....(more hp) How much HP have people gotten outta there 1st gen engine?
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also i think the aftermarket if more the the 3rd gen
from what i've read, the first generation motors can pretty much keep up until you get to the point where you start changing cams.
Your best bet is a 2nd gen IMHO. It is very hard for people to find spare parts for a 3rd gen engine. I am a pretty firm believer that a 2nd gen can be built up just as strong as a 3rd gen can.

these are the specs for the 3S-GTE motor.

The second gen JDM 3S-GTE has 225hp, USDM only has 200hp. There are many turbo upgrade kits for the second gen motor. I believe there is a member from the US, who did a 6th gen 3S-GTE into a 4th gen celi. Very light car+ lots of base hp= Very Fast Car.
But it probably costed a pretty penny. Either way, 200hp, is a good starting point. Good luck with the swap.
good luck finding a 3rd gen 3sgte...
^ Why? They aren't THAT hard to get. There is a shop in L.A. that just got 2 of them in. They presold about a month ago. Another shop just got 3 more in a couple of weeks ago. You just aren't looking in the right places ;)
thats what i get for living in kansas and not ca i suppose
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