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4 banger to V6?

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does anyone happen to have some insight on the difficulty to swap out my 5SFE for the 3VZ-FE. I currently am rollin a gen 3.5 (95) camry coupe. I am aware that I couldent keep my manual tranny, but are there any other variables to this swap? PS I am aware of the search option, thank you tho for the direction on how to surf the website;)
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Mayne Event said:
PS I am aware of the search option, thank you tho for the direction on how to surf the website;)
Then use it and search for threads by zoni or I4 to V6 Swap. :rolleyes:
I did and only found cost for the swap and swapping a 3sgte...not what kinda of fabrications needed.
this is for a gen 4 but the info is basically the same. It happens to be on the next page from where yours is posted. You need the entire front clip of a V6 car to make it work.
EHHHHH FACK!!! back to the drawing board!!! U know I think im going to just say fuck it, take all the shit off my car and buy myself a nice new V6 camry to play with! Anyone want to buy a 2 door five speed black cam?
yes.... i would love to.

dude, just search. i have done so many threads on this. there was one new one up yesterday... that is what the link is above.

and why would you consider the 3vz... the wiring is totally differente because it is a 92-93 motor, 1mz is 94+

btw... since you already have a manual it is a lot better for you...
Jesus I have the money to do what I want...but the problem is I dont know what I want to do...(I know..its ironic.....kinda, well at least contradicting) I think im not going to play with the V6 and just stick with my original plans of buying a second 5SFE and investing on forged internals and some forced induction with a CT26...simple enuff and no rewiring or messing with engine mounts....
good plan.

either that or buy a V6. i'd suggest a gen 4 V6 or a gen 1/1.5 solara, as it would be a little newer and last a little longer if thats what you think. the V6 has a good amount of power, and you will wonder why you wasted your time on the 5sfe if you drive a v6. then again, turbo the 5sfe, and it will be a little more powerful than the stock v6. however, buy a v6, then turbo that... double the 5sfe power.
thats my long term plans. I want to get into a gen 1 solara and build it up for a turbo...but thats a few years down the road. Wish my credit wasesnt shot otherwise I go do that this next month...damn credit!! Anyone wanna co-sign? :D
yea you would be better off buying a v6 than doing a swap. You have to do the motor, motor mounts, move shit around in your engine bay, ECU, Tranny, you have to worry about spacement issues..... swapping motors is always a pain in the ass unless the motors have the same mounting points, and going from a 4 to a 6 is even shittier...

Oh and if your going for speed why buy another camry? Buy a mid 90's DSM or a CLEAN lude or integra... why another camry? lol
do you know anything about doing a v6 swap in a camry and what is involved FF? it is not as difficult as one may think. in the case at hand, the motors do use the same mounting points on the chassis, no fabrication is involved in the entire process. it is all mechanical work that can be easily done with the right parts from a donor car.

camrys are not preludes. yes, motors are motors, and generally they are the same, and the general things needed for a swap in any car will be the same. but in this instance, all the parts will swap from one car to another.
cool zoni well you got me on that one :lol: I didnt realize that the I4 and the v6 engines had the same mounting spots. Keep in mind too that you are good with engine work and you have done a lot of hands on things. For someone who hasnt really peeked into their engine bay i think it might be a little more difficult. In most of the cases ive seen a 4 to 6 swap is pretty difficult and expensive, or very difficult and extremely time consuming... But sorry for giving you bad info mayne event.

And zoni, im very well aware that camry's arent preludes lol
EHHH I could swap in a v6 into my car for around 3000$ engine, tranny and all BUT..I dunno just to much work involved. The reason I dont get myself some shitty diamond star motor is because for one, they are pieces of shit, I dont like the eclipse/talon/laser. Two, im not neccisarily going for speed to see how fast I can get down the QM or 0-60 what I want is something with enuff power that I can race someone and not be left 10 cars back. Third I trust toyota, they are the best made car in the world. Best ratings, holding value, all that shit so I want to stay in a toyota and I cant afford a Supra and dont like celicas (plus solaras are still kinda luxury and alot more comfertable)
once you get into modifications, the holding value thing goes right out the window. nobody would buy my car for more than 1500 or 2 grand if i wanted to sell it. and i've put maybe 12 g's into it over the years. (it doesnt look like it, and doesnt perform like it though). when it is all running the way it should... maybe then it will be worth something.
yeah sure, if you are serious about the info, because i dont want to waste my time if you arent going to actually do anything.

my aim is in my profile.
yea i'll IM u when i get home, thanks man

yeah im' serious about the info, just that i won't do it immediately, when i get some money tho.
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