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Gen 6.5 Camry SE
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Thought I'd post this here as it applies to every Camry and well, basically any car with four doors/windows...

If you have a 4-Door Vehicle, you can create very good circulation without AC and I don't believe there is much if any addition to drag or decreased fuel economy. Roll your front window down as much as you desire and you will experience a whole lot of wind in your face, but roll the rear window down about an inch or two and the face wind becomes re-circulation throughout the entire car.
You can do this on either side, but only ONE side should be this way. The effect is different based on interior dimensions of the car, but the result is almost always pleasing. Again, I have to stress only ONE SIDE of the car should have both windows adjusted.
The other side - ALL WINDOWS UP. The faster you go, adjustments can be made, but always ensure both windows are down a bit to create the re-circulation effect.

Enjoy experimenting!
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