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certainly the mounting points on the floor will be the same, if from the same year/model

the thing to check will be the wire harness connector(s), if all the same shape, with same pins, then you're all set

if not the same, you will want to study what is different and why (preferably with a wiring diagram from the shop manual, and an ohm meter), and then make suitable modifications (either swap your connector onto its new harness, or vice versa).

If your seat has side airbags, heater or memory, there will be a lot of connections. But if it is manual you won't have any trouble at all. If it is just power, without any of those other things, it might be plug-and-play, but check everything to be sure.

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The major differences betweeh TMC and TMMK ARE in the interior.
The service manual covers the seats separately, so they are that different.
If I can, I'll see if I can check later, I have both TMC and TMMK cars.
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